Here you can see two typical elements of the City of Toenisvorst: Appletrees and the water tower built in the 1920s.

Tönisvorst – the Apple City by the Lower Rhine River: Around 48 million fresh apples appear every year on the apple trees as if by magic in and around Tönisvorst. Each spring, about 400.000 apple trees dress in their most delicate white and pink blooms – depending on the kind, since Tönisvorst is home to around 40 different kinds of apples. Indeed a sight well worth seeing and experiencing, many of the 400.000 individual trees together make up the area of the Huverheide between the two city districts Vorst and St. Tönis. Here you can delve into the millions of blooms since the Apple City offers a wonderfully developed network of farm roads and bicycle paths.

But it is not only the apple trees in Tönisvorst that are especially diligent. The City caught in the middle between urban centres and rural areas unites the advantages of both ways of living. with all the advantages of modern developments, Tönisvorst has still been able to maintain the charm of rural living: A historic church square unequalled in the Lower Rhine area, enchanted castles, a historic city hall and a wind mill. We offer a ride with the historic train „Schluff“, two heritage associations with ever changing exhibitions as well as a modern swim centre with wellness and sauna facilities. The romantic corners and landmarks of this city with its roots going back to the middle-ages and its old manors may readily be discovered at one’s own pace by bicycle.

The City has also been able to maintain its vitality: on Thursdays, both city districts offer a farmer’s market. Many city festivals, cultural festivals, theatre performances and regular art exhibitions enrich cultural life. But above all: Where other cities have turned into a readily exchangeable agglomeration of chain stores, Tönisvorst has maintained many of its old, family-owned businesses – something that can be said for the entire economy:

Thus Tönisvorst is home to a great number of mid-sized companies which are managed in their second, third or even fourth generation. More information on the economic locations including commercial properties may be found on the page „Promotion of Economic Development“.


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